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All over the world and through-out its 1600 years history, Chess has always been considered to be one of the ultimate tests of exercise of human; Memory, Concentration, Planning, Intuition, Imagination, Pattern recognition and Initiative. All the faculties required to develop a balanced powerful mind optimised for critical thinking.

Play Chess from a totally modern perspective.

WarChess is based on a unique modern military hardware theme comprising of a set of versions representing the Army and Navy.
Play chess like an army general, play chess like a navy admiral and conquer your opponents.
- The army theme is based on a mechanized armoured brigade.
- The navy theme is based on a carrier battle group.

The WarChess theme is totally representative of its era and is applicable to all chess formats and variants, including Shogi, Xiang-Qi , Makruk, Janngi and Sittuyin.

The old rules remain the same, only the pieces have evolved.
In both army and navy editions, The six different pieces are representative of their respective Standard Chess pieces with identical moves and the corresponding Chess-Piece Notation marked underneath both sets of pieces with the exception of both sets of pawns.

Navy Edition Pieces

AirCraft Carrier (KING)

Destroyer (QUEEN)

Aegis Cruiser (BISHOP)

Submarine (KNIGHT)

Littoral Frigate (ROOK)

F-35 Fighter (PAWN)

Army Edition Pieces

General's Hum-Vee (KING)

Apache Gunship (QUEEN)

Rocket Artillery Truck (BISHOP)

Battle Tank (KNIGHT)

Howitzer (ROOK)

Armoured Personnel Carrier (PAWN)

Design Aspects

To carry our theme, we have designed a unique magnetic minimalist polka dotted playing surface concept. The minimalist design also offers and expands the customisability options for the boards such that the polka-dot format can be overlaid on any maps or images.
See the costum editions section of the shop.

To minimize risk of breakages, all the helicopter model pieces had been designed such that they are magnetically paired with their rotor blades to avoid accidental breakage.

The playing pieces are coupled to the chess board magnetically where each magnet represents the centre point of a standard grid square and also to keep the pieces centred and orderly.

The chess board folds into a compact half of which the two halves are attached and hinged magnetically.

WarChess is a very interesting, fun and enjoyable way to play or learn chess. The pieces are very engaging and also make great toys.

WarChess is well designed. All WarChess pieces are uniquely 3d-printed. This production methods give the playing pieces a unique rustic and detailed look and finish, where the resolution of the 3d-printer creates a rivet-like look finish on the playing pieces.

With modern and minimalist design aspects, WarChess will fit and add a subtle dynamism to any style of space. The WarChess board set has been designed t be wall mountable.

WarChess SHOGI variant

In the WarChess SHOGI Army variant, command an army armoured brigade including:

  • A General in a Chinook Helicopter - (KING)
  • Brigadiers in a Humvees - (GOLD STAR GENERALS)
  • Majors in a Humvees - (SILVER STAR GENERALS)
  • Rocket Artillery Truck - (BISHOP)
  • Armoured tanks - (KNIGHTS)
  • Howitzer - (ROOK)
  • Predator UAV's (LANCE)
  • Personnel carriers - (PAWNS)