Play Chess like a military strategist and vanquish opponents in style.

Bringing the fun and excitement of Chess to a new generation, kids always choose to play WarChess 100% of the time.

Collect 2 unique WarChess Army & Navy Edition sets.

Magnetic pieces with unique minimalist themed board.

Command a navy Carrier Battle Group including;

  • An Aircraft Carrier - (KING)
  • A Destroyer - (QUEEN)
  • Aegis Cruisers - (BISHOPS)
  • Submarines - (KNIGHTS)
  • Littoral Frigates - (ROOKS)
  • Fighters - (PAWNS)

Command an army Armoured brigade including;

  • A General in a Humvee - (KING)
  • An Apache gunship - (QUEEN)
  • Rocket Artillery Trucks - (BISHOPS)
  • Armoured tanks - (KNIGHTS)
  • Howitzers - (ROOKS)
  • Personnel carriers - (PAWNS)

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